Catch and Release

Paul Dennis

      Age 51

     Occupation… Award winning Tattoo Artist

     Years fishing… 40 yrs fish2target

     UK pb mirror 42lb 8oz

     UK pb common 37lb 8oz

     French pb 59lb common.


A bit about myself , I started fising at the age of 11 on the local drains mainly for tench roach rudd etc. I joined the army at 17 and was stationed in Germany for a couple of years where I started fishing a local lake and couldn’t work out why i kept getting snapped up, until a local chap told us there were carp in the lake up to around 20lb , which I didn’t believe a fresh water fish could be that big , I upgraded my kit and managed to start catching a few, biggest was around the 12lb mark which from then on I was hooked on fishing for carp.

After leaving the army I started fishing local lakes for carp by this time I was married with three boys who started fishing when they were young so was good to share some great moments with my boys.

Even after all these years I’m still enjoying my fishing maybe more than ever as I get to go virtually when I want, I’ve fished quite a few of the populer day ticket waters up and down the country with some good results


Mostly nowadays I am fishing syndicate lakes around Cambridgeshire as we are spoilt for choice


I have recently joined Vardis tackle, and Catch and Release who I look forward to working with in 2015 .


  1. A Winter’s Tale

    Posted by
    Winter time which see many anglers packing away there fishing tackle till the Spring, where as the rest of us keep on plugging away right through the colder weather, some of us are lucky enough to catch the what I call the picture of all pictures, and that’s catching a...
  2. My Year- Paul D

    Posted by
    Well it’s been a good year for me all in all , firstly my local syndicate lake I managed to catch 3 of my target fish and over twenty other fish to back it up which was just reward as its far from an easy water, next year i’ll be...
  3. Ladywell and the tramp

    Posted by
    Back in June I was lucky enough to fish Ladywell lake, a two hundred year old estate lake set in the essex countryside, being part of a group on Facebook I saw the offer advertised from Admin, so being a chance i thought I would have a go at, I...
  4. vardis social

    Posted by
    Ade the owner of Vardis Tackle organised the social avent for the team to fish on Stanwick lakes Northamptonshire for a couple of nights, It was a good oppurtunity for some of us to meet for the first time and fish together on Mallard Lake, to get to know each...
  5. A week on Abbey lakes – France

    Posted by
    This has been a place where I’ve been wanting to fish for a good few years and by chance I bumped into a couple of good friends in our local tackle shop who were stocking up on bait , asking “where are you boys of to?” they replied Abbey. Jokingly...
  6. A Year On The Pit

    Posted by
    Due to a publicity ban I can’t name the current lake I’m fishing, so I will refer it as just a Cambs Pit as per the rules of the fishery. So were do I begin? Last year I joined the Cambs Pit were my son and a couple of good...

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