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Here at Catch and Release we do love a good hook as we all do, so when we were sent the gear from Advanced Angling Solutions we knew that they would be tested with the best.


Well we have not been disappointed in anyways at all. First of all the service we received from the team was impeccable and after a good chat regards the background of the company it was with baited breath we awaited the hooks.


We were certainly not let down by the hype that we had received when the perfectly presented and eye catching packages fell out of the bag. With the full range of hooks being sent it was clear to see there was a hook for all occasions. With a Chod, Longshank, Curve and the very slick xxx Gape all bases and rigs are clearly covered. Now as with most brands the first three patterns are more or less similar in build but the incredible quality and noticeable razor like points of these hooks do put them right in with the big brands for the things we hold dear to our hooks.

choddy-hook-range-barbed-shot Curve-Shank-Single-Hook-Shot

For us at Catch HQ it was the XXX Gape that stood out for us. Yes it has the deadly razor sharp point of the others but the wider gape and the 20 degree in turned eye that make them a great all purpose hook.


For us the whole range shone and already these hooks have held up under test for us and we look forward to dealing more with the team at Advanced Angling Solutions.

Here at Advanced Angling Solutions, we pride ourselves on good quality fishing tackle at affordable prices. We do not compromise for anything less than the best. Our products are ideal for amateur carp fishermen as well as angling professionals

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