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Toni Claydon

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Name:                  Toni Clayden

Ages:                    26

Home county:       Essex

Years fishing:        1

Occupation:        Full time accountancy


My interest in fishing begun when I started spending weekends over the local lakes with my partner, it wasn’t long before I was asking him 21 questions and stealing his magazines, he actually thought I was joking when I asked him to teach me the different rigs and update me on general knowledge of the fishing industry, but he helped me!

Within a week I had invested in my own set up and haven’t looked back since, my weekends and even now some of my evenings after work have become all about fishing!!

I have been fishing for roughly a year now, and already I’ve got my first France trip booked up for June 2015, my UK PB is currently 31lb 8oz, I’m yet to set my foreign PB but I’ll keep you posted 😉

I enjoy the socialising as well as the peace and quiet on my members lakes, however I do like to interact with new people and experience new lakes. I don’t have a favourite lake just yet, but I’m sure I will eventually.

I enjoy my consultant position with “UK Bait Company” with such a wide range of innovative products I couldn’t possibly say a favourite, with their expert knowledge in the bait industry they have given me the opportunity to work closely with them to produce a new bait.

I’m part of the “Deception Angling” team.. and am loving their quality tackle

I’m also part of the “lakebed leads” team, where every lead is handcrafted with a naturally coated finish they literally match every lakebed! I couldn’t possibly use any other now!!!!

I look forward to documenting and sharing my catches with you all…


  1. Bank to the Bank

    Posted by
    Bank to the Bank First fish of 2016, FINALLY! It’s not just the catch that’s keeps me on the bank (although I get that’s the idea) I love the technical side to it all, the being outdoors and the fact that each take is the complete unknown, such a buzz!...
  2. Short session Success.

    Posted by
    Short session Success.. It was a last minute decision to head to the bank, I finished work around 5.30pm and headed on over to Bentley Fishery around 6.30pm. Before I settle I have to do my usual stroll round the lake to check out where the fish are holding up,...
  3. Golden girl

    Posted by
    Sitting at work cooped up in an office with the sun beaming outside, all I could think was “I need to be on the bank right now”, the more I thought about it the more the day dragged!! I’d finally finished work around 5.30pm, rushing off home, I loaded the...
  4. Lac De Premiere

    Posted by
    Lac De Premiere Well the journey just flew by as we made our way to Lac De Premiere; excited for my first fishing trip to France we arrived around 8.00am on Saturday13th June just raring to go. Although a swim was already pre booked and allocated to us we still...
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