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Bank Bug- Rock steady backrest system

Bank bug has been a brand associated with innovative products that have spanned all aspects of carp fishing.
The rock steady backrest system is not a new product and in fact was one of the fastest selling items of 2015.
The team at catch and release couldn’t resist an offer to test this product and get them bankside and we were not disappointed.

The principle of the product couldn’t be simpler with a screw in locking system and a rod mounted boss.
The locking point simply screws into your bankstick or buzz Barr and due to it being a uniform shape there’s no heartbreak with lining up.

simple system fitted 2016-01-08 review 003
The locking boss is butt mounted wrap silicone with the male section of the system protruding out.
The locking section can be fitted to any type of handle and can be positioned where you want depending on circumstances.
The theory is incredibly simple in the fact that the male section cannot come away from the female in any fishing situation as it it always pulling into the locking point.
We tested these not only in fishing situation but under savage simulated situations to test the system. There is no way that these will pull off or out in the most acute angled locked up  fishing situation. However when you want to “hit it” you simply lift the rod up and out.

With 3 loop rings of 2 sizes per kit ( for shrink, duplon, abbreviated or cork) then a set of three locking and boss components your set up is ready to be changed in seconds.

2016-01-08 review 028If your looking for a snag situation alternative or a simple day to day butt rest be sure to check these out.

Bank BUG is a growing company with dedicated products based on bankside experience. Carp fishing for some of us is a passion, not just a hobby, with this in mind; I hope my passion for the world of carp angling shows in the products we sell.

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