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Triton Tackle – XXL Retention Sling

Last year we showed you the Tritus Landing net by Triton Tackle and from messages to it was clear people went out and bought them.

2016-03-19 simpsons work 014

Well this year we have the XXL floatation weigh/recovery sling on test and over the last few months have been blown away with this product.

2016-03-19 simpsons work 018The large long flotation arms with spreader ensure that the fish will have the most room in the short retention period whilst getting your kit ready.






The large mesh sides and punched bottom allow for fast water edge drainage so there’s no faffing at the waters edge and the whole weighing period is shortened. 2016-03-19 simpsons work 017 2016-03-19 simpsons work 016

With an integral retaining leash the sling is the perfect tool for the job of short term retention.


With its neoprene carry handles and expert finishing this is function as well as practicality. The XXL stink bag means that after that successful session there’s no chance of a stinky slime filled car. 2016-03-19 simpsons work 015

Yet again Triton Tackle really have done it here using quality materials and design to create something ideal for the task in hand. A top quality product with a great price tag!

Triton Tackle is a fishing tackle design, supply and retail company. The company is owned and run by fisherman with a combined experience of over 100 years in the sport. We work with some of the countries most successful Carp fisherman when designing and testing our products at either of our two fisheries in Kent, UK.
Triton Tackle
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