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Star Flite

Star Flite S3 Lets start off by saying WOW.

Its not often something comes through the Catch HQ doors that catches everyone’s eyes but the STAR FLITE stainless has done just that. This high quality super sexy stainless is a must have for tackle tarts that also want their gear to be functional.

The S3 range is not a new idea but is an evolution on a previous design and the team at star flite have perfected it. Now to the un knowing reader you may just be saying that stainless is stainless and in many cases you would be right but the S3 range features a unique locking system that takes away all the pain of sticks slipping inside each other and also the shredding pain as you tighten up a standard nut wheel style fastener.


Star Flite S3

The extremely well engineered fastening system means that by using the locking pin provided you can gain a huge amount of locking torque on the concealed mechanism and therefore prevent the inner rod twisting or dropping. Featuring an incredibly strong razor point the sticks will penetrate the hardest swims with minimal effort.


The range currently consists of bars in a huge arrange of specs bars in varying lengths and super sleek stabilisers with more to come we hear so stay tuned for more.


Star Flite S3

Star-Flite is a time proven brand of highly evolved and engineered rod support systems.

Today's product list is a carefully balanced joining of ideas from a selection of proven carp anglers and engineers.

The basic concept of rod support cannot be re-invented but individual design features will enhance your desire to choose our products.

Our rod support systems and engineered products are still being made in Nottingham with equipment in the field for at least 10 years proving it has already passed the test of time and will continue to do so.

Star Flite
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