Catch and Release

Tales from Wales


tales-1Name: John (Tales) Flewin
Age: 30
Occupation: owner of Tales angling media
PB: UK 41-2 France 37-4
Favourite tactics : marginal work and mid distance spread baiting.
Favourite bait: Innovate baits kream krunch steammies. PVA pellet mix

Thanks for checking out my page and for coming to catch and release. Carp has been a huge passion of mine for as long as I can remember from the moment one took my corn on a BB float to catching the pretty ones and the sometime bigger ones. This is a love a passion this is also now my work and my dream. Below you will find some of my adventures on film as well as the written word. Please sit back have a view and enjoy. please remember carping is fun and lets enjoy it that way.



  1. Hunt for Handjob

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    Now I realise I haven’t put pen to paper for a very very long time and to be honest its only really in the last few weeks that I have felt that a written piece was needed to portray the huge range of emotions I have felt in the last...

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    Now as I said I used to have a million little variations on rigs long ones, short ones, stiff ones braid ones, stripped ones, hinged ones chod ones mono ones fluro ones simply tooooo many. There is nothing worse than looking into a rig wallet and immediately questioning yourself. I...

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    Well well well where to start. The beginning always seems to the answer to this question no matter how many times you ask it so here indeed it goes from the top as they say. As the face of the website changes we have all started to create a more...

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