Catch and Release

Tales from Wales


tales-1Name: John (Tales) Flewin
Age: 30
Occupation: owner of Tales angling media
PB: UK 41-2 France 37-4
Favourite tactics : marginal work and mid distance spread baiting.
Favourite bait: Innovate baits kream krunch steammies. PVA pellet mix

Thanks for checking out my page and for coming to catch and release. Carp has been a huge passion of mine for as long as I can remember from the moment one took my corn on a BB float to catching the pretty ones and the sometime bigger ones. This is a love a passion this is also now my work and my dream. Below you will find some of my adventures on film as well as the written word. Please sit back have a view and enjoy. please remember carping is fun and lets enjoy it that way.



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