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Aaron Rout


AaronRout1Aaron Rout


Location: Colechester,Essex

I’ve been fishing since the age of 8, learnt to fish on my local river catching whatever came along.The first carp I caught came out of the same river, saw it, cast in front of it, caught it.

Carp fishing since age of 13, still love putting carp rods away and getting back on the rivers for chub/dace/perch/roach.

Current PB; 36.06 common, 35.00 mirror.

Currently use; The Lead Shed, Sticky Baits

  1. Shot on the hook rig

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    Shot on the hook rig Getting technical with rigs really isn’t my scene to be honest, but when I was asked to write something on my favourite rig I couldn’t exactly say no. This rig has caught me more fish than any other rig I have ever used and has been...
  2. Aarons year

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    What a year, personally it’s been full of ups and downs, thankfully the ups greatly outweigh the downs but that’s life right? Start of the year I got taken on as part of the Sticky Baits promo team along with a very good friend of mine which was a touch,...
  3. Sneaky session rewards

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    Well its been a while since I wrote my first piece to say the least. Work has being even more hectic than usual, myself and Mrs have moved house and have our first child on the way. All this means time to get out on the bank has been almost...
  4. Last Minute Session

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      Saturday evening, 5pm. Phone vibrates its way across the table as a text comes in from one of the lads on the new syndicate saying “social over lake, you coming?”, couple of messages either way ends up with “of course bring your rods unless you want to hand line...

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