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Carp Couture well where to start…..

Simply the best clothing we have ever seen at Catch and Release towers. This incredible range of clothing is not only quality but also innovative.

This is not a range of clothing that is re labelled but a ground up custom designed package. With the clothing market becoming saturated with poor quality clothing with iron on stickers Carp Couture rise above this to provide a great product. From the moment you put it on the warmth of the almost towelling material is evident and as you warm up you start to notice all the features. From longer arms with thumb hole cuffs to the double lined “glove” and fleece duffle pocket and the clever little receiver pouches its easy to see that this is a range designed by a carp angler with an eye for detail.

gear-carp-couture-2 I was lucky enough to really put the gear through its paces on a windswept lake and was amazed how warm and comfortable the trakkie was. what we have also noticed is how incredibly fast the garments dry which is a huge thing when bankside. Also to note that all garments are available in a ladies cut. This is not yet again a mans item with pink embroidery but a female cut so all are catered for . with a customer base ever growing and indeed some incredible anglers on his team I am sure you will see a lot more from this amazing clothing range. With these items due in 2 weeks, combats and combat shorts for men and women, Beenies, bobble hats and a cheesecutter hat.

To get your hands on the gear and also to keep up to date what is going on with Team Carp Couture simply click the links.

Carp Couture was created in 2013 as a business by Darren Hilton.

Darren had found angling clothing to be lacking some what in features and functionality to what he expected it to be. Cuts and fit of clothing was not right for the majority of anglers, so set about designing from scratch a comprehensive range of clothing designed for the angler, rather than cost and profits.

All products are made to Carp Couture's high specification and expectations, with many design samples rejected before the items were made available.

Carp Couture does not rest on its laurels and is always looking for new materials and designs to give to the anglers who want the very best angling clothing.

Carp Couture

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