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Keith Williams

Keith Williams

I have been carp fishing for 25 years learning my skills from my match fishing days where I used fish places like the River Thames and the IMG_6483river lea.  Catching the carp bug while fishing the Grand union canal where I landed a few large carp I have simply continued with my passion.

My English personal best is a common from Norfolk caught this year using mainline boilies and had other forties from Essex and Norfolk. Catching is what I love and I am  happy to help others. I have also achieved my level 2 coaching badge so can teach with authority.

I am a consultant for mainline baits, Hooked on Baits and Atomic tackle. I also work part time for angling technics

I regularly Fishing France with my Personal Best being a 73lb 4 oz. mirror and have caught over 100 fifties and 23 sixties

I like to keep rigs simple with long hair blowback my favourite rig. This rig I have used for 90 percent of my fishing, the last three years.

_DSC2198(1280x854)At the moment my fishing takes me to several waters in Norfolk very near to where I live Norwich area and regularly go to France fishing variety of lakes

I am looking forward to working with Catch and Release and will be keeping you all up to date with my adventures.




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