Catch and Release

Infusion Baits

Infusion baits are relative new comers to the crazy world of the bait industry as a commercial available bait and by gosh are they already making an impact.

From their straight shooting gaffa to each team member this is a company that still shows the passion for the sport. We were lucky enough to get a few baits from the range on test and on the bank over the last few weeks and have to say we are incredibly impressed.

The nod to flavours gone by is ever present in their mixes along with some incredible flavour and ingredient combinations.

With a great range of baits suited for all waters and all conditions there is a bait for everyone in the range. From the deep flavours and spice of the FIREBALLS to the rounded sweetness of the GOLDENBALLS the two flagship baits have caught many a carp and are renowned for their ability to work as a campaign bait as well as a short session bait.

gear-infusion-baits-2Then we move onto the SNATCH, now this is certainly a bait to consider for anyone looking to get on a fast reacting bait with staying power. Its flavour spectrum is only surpassed by its inclusion of some incredible carp foods, palatants and attractors.

With no doubt a whole lot more coming from the team at infusion its certainly a company worth looking at and giving a go. OR

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