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Weed Camo – Hook Range


Weed Camo is one of the ever impressive online companies that actually provide a good product at a great price and have some nice services such as rig tying, pre done camo leaders and the ever popular range from evolution carp tackle.

We had a delivery of some of their hook range and have had them out on the bank for a good few sessions and are extreamly impressed with the quality and the sharpness of these hooks right out of the bag.

The range consists of BOILIE,CHOD,GRIPPER (curved shank),LONGSHANK and WIDE GAPE so all bases and presentations are covered. With a proven track record and solid build these hooks represent great value without a compromise on quality.

So if your looking for something to add to your tackle box why not give these guys a call.

normal_DSC_0660_Boilie_hook weed-camo-gripper-hooks-10-pack weed-camo-long-shank-hooks-10-pack weed-camo-wide-gape-hooks-10-packnormal_DSC_0660_Boilie_hook

WeedCamo have been making these rigs since 2010. Fish to over 50LB have been caught on the rigs.

There's a selection of Rig's, Leads and Leaders to help conceal your rig to the bottom of the lake, these rigs will virtuality disapper when placed on the bottom of the lake over weed, clay , silt or mud.

So if your looking for that killer edge " Get on the Weed"

Weed Camo

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