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TOR Baits

The first thing that struck me when the bait package arrived form Tor baits was the vivid colouring of their Jaffa range, both the pop ups and dip are VERY bright orange as you would expect with a Jaffa flavoured bait !!!!!!The freezer baits accompanying them however were more of a medium coloured brown. Based on a nice birdfood mix, they smell and taste really pleasant ( you should always taste you baits) with no bitter after taste that you do find with some acidic based baits.

The deep tang of the Jaffa oil is apparent throught the range and being a proven carp attractor its easy to see why these baits will work all season long but also have that high attract boost for short session fishing.

I was due to fish a charity match the following week so I glugged some of the pop ups in preparation. During the day I fished them against an established test bait and found that they caught comparably, The pop ups stay buoyant for a long time and would be well suited to fishing on chods as is the current trend . If you want a nice smelling bivvy then this is the bait for you, much nicer than smelling like a rancid shellfish !! The pot the dip comes in doesn’t leak either which is a big plus, all in all a nice bait that will catch fish, what else do you need ??
All the Tor Baits range can be found on their website

Our mission is quite clear, to deliver carp baits of the highest quality and at affordable prices. Our baits are Rolled fresh using real eggs, not powder or liquid substitute!, with the highest quality attractors. All our baits have a long standing proven track record and will produce results for you from the off when applied in the correct manner Matching pop ups that stay popped up for 48hrs plus and liquid food dips are available for the full range again at a massively reduced price TOR Baits
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