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Mates Baits

mates baitsThe bait market is possibly one of the most over saturated areas in the fishing world so when we where sent the range from Mates baits we where unsure of what we may find to ignite our interests.

On opening the package we were met with somewhat of a familiar looking product.inline bomb

The Mates baits dissolving range is a reinvented version of a product they made for a company a few years ago and wow have they come back with a BOOOOOM.

The unique quality of these new formula bait is the breakdown times. The all new recipe and ingredient base means that within 20 seconds in even the coldest of water temperatures you can be assured the fluffy mix has broken down. Now we mention the new recipe. The range from mates baits is growing daily but they work on one solid ethos and that’s using the correct balance of explosive breakdown ingredient and food product. This means that the fish are actually homing in on not just the visual cloud but  the attractive food base. This is a great edge in winter as it allows a tight parcel of food to be presented around the hook bait in the case of the inlines but by also using the normal bait bomb in a stick or catapult you can create small areas all around tricking the carp into a feeding pattern.


we have been using these on the bank over the last few months and seem to find new and interesting ways to use them each time. They are fast and so easy to use and really have helped us in some tight situations. The inline versions also work as an anti tangle method. along the link with the hook point level to the bottom bait creates a tangle free casting option or by adding one between hook bait and bend of hook on the hair can prevent wrap around.

If your looking for something to add to your armoury this winter and indeed moving into next year don’t overlook these cheeky chappies.




We named the company because we have all worked together and most of us were friends before we worked together so that’s the mates part and the baits part well that’s obvious. We have named them after showing many people and asking what they think and most have said they explode in the water like a bomb. So taking this on board we decided that they are bait and they explode like a bomb hence “Bait Bomb” and “Inline Bait Bomb”.

Mates Baits
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