Catch and Release

The Quinntessential Carper




Name: Mike Quinn
Age: 32
Occupation: Sales Advisor
Favourite tactics :Fishing over spread of boilies
Favourite Venue: Lymmvale-Lymm anglers waterFirst of all welcome to my page,  Hope you like the video blogs as much as I do filming them. Now I am no expert in the angling world but have learnt my fair share over the past 18 years carp angling and boy has it changed since I first started, there is much more tackle and bait to aid us in our pursuit these days which makes it a bit easier. Now you won’t see me holding up a multiple hauls of 30’s & 40’s as on the Cheshire plain there’s not too many to go at, we can’t all be as lucky an live down south or have enough time to do a few days down there as juggling family life, work and fishing is a test in its own . Throughout my blogs I will show a few hints tips and tactics that I like to put in to my fishing that am sure will help you in your angling.Stay Productive– Mike

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