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Five Quick Top Tips

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Five Quick Top Tips



Five Quick Top TipsDon’t you hate it when marking out, that you find a clear area then your float doesn’t pop up! AARRRGGGHHHH

Don’t despair, best thing to do when looking for spots on weedy lakes etc, is to first cast out a bare lead. At this point rather than do the standard 90 degree retrieve, pull the line between thumb and forefinger whilst keeping the rod pointed at the spot. Keep doing this and when you feel “non springy” minimal resistance you know you have pulled onto a clear area, keep gently inching it back measuring the size of the spot , then at the moment resistance is felt, clip up.

Walk out both the bare lead rod and marker rod and add 2 rod lengths to the marker rod to compensate for water depth and the high rod tip finishing position you should be employing on every cast that helps you feel that “Donk”

With a little practice you should be able to pop your Seeker marker float up every time with minimal disturbance on the weediest of lakes.


When fishing a swim or venue finding the “spots” immediately can be tricky.

Try using obvious bank side markers like tall trees or structures as a starting point to identify possible areas. People will naturally aim for these and consequentially these areas will receive a consistent amount of bait. A great starting point whilst you find your feet.


To maximise possible bites from any water you may be, fishing try to always have two or three rigs tied baited and ready to go, By having these ready and using something like a Kwik Lok swivel you can simply unclip the rig in the net, hook on and cast a new rig so its fishing, maximising your potential catch rate leaving you time to take care of your prize.


I firmly believe that you should return every fish in better condition than how you caught it be it 1 or 100lb. You can Five Quick Top Tipsachieve this by using the right size landing net 42” minimum, with a nice soft mesh like the “outreach” also use a antibacterial solution like Gardner’s medic and apply it to every hook hold, wound or scrape, this helps to speed recovery and prevent infection. Think about it, if everyone did this our sport and quarry will be well and truly protected & those fish will be in prime condition for the next lucky person to have a cuddle on camera.


One thing I’ve always considered of huge importance is accuracy, be it baiting or consistent effective rig presentation. This has never been highlighted so much since I joined my new syndicate.

Due to its size and layout the use of a row boat is compulsory, having this factor has enabled me to be able to see the difference to a hand placed baiting and rig approach, compared to a roughly cast bait and rig style. WOW.

The second way of casting and baiting “willy nilly” is seriously detrimental and has conclusively proved to me that by having strict method and procedure when casting and baiting by doing such things as.

Marking line, Clipping up and ensuring the rod tip finishes at 12 O’clock every time will ensure that you’re on the spot and the rig is “kicked out” primed for a pick up.

Use a pocket rocket or Bait 1 at a time with a stick to get it right, It will take longer than chucking handfuls at a time but you’ll be sitting behind that rod potentially for a long time so spend the time to get it right it’s well worth it!


Take these few tips into your fishing the next time you dangle, practice em’ and watch them carp start to crawl up ya line 😉


Stay sharp

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